Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fiber Focus, & Progress

I came home yesterday to some pretty wonderful things................

Firstly.......... was this: and please, while you are there, take a look thru her blog.... she is an incredible writer, always has something interesting to discuss and tell about and has a great group of people here at Fiber Focus ( ).... the other good thing is that her name is Rachel. A very good name indeed :)

Secondly, i received a handful of postcard flyers that are making their way to interested parties as we speak. SOLEYNE ( ) is a new website, that just finished up its beta testing and seems to be very promising. The mechanisms they had in place during the beta testing were good, the money they've spent to move this project forward seems appreciable, and they are already advertising. This postcard flyer is currently being disbursed at at juried art festival in Tarrytown, New York at Lyndhurst Castle. Please, if you are at all interested in this site, sign up for notification of its doors opening. You can do that at

(front) (back)

ok.... here is the progress on the new Art For Your Head piece, that i featured in the September 7, 2008 entry below.

The first pic shows the back and what i am needle felting into the shapes i want.... i am adding silk in a handdyed green and coral colourway. I want this to be a very 3 dimensional piece. The second pic is showing some of the beadword, (currently strung and pinned on)... i do this so that i can see where i want it to lay and how i want it to travel.... same with the front of the hat.


  1. Beautiful! I can't wait until you can come here and go bead shopping. What fun!

  2. i cant wait either! guess i better get my passport huh?

  3. So, interesting to see how it progresses! Really like how it's shaping out and the beads are a great contrast!

  4. Your work is beautiful, as always!

  5. thank you RACHEL and angelamichelle! i usually dont post 'in progress' shots.. so this is kind of fun for me :)

  6. Yes, get the passport. Consider it an escape hatch.

  7. belinha/Papelustro11:20 AM

    Awesome,awesome,awesome!I must post some of your hats in my blog.Do you give me permission?It's

    Check it,please!!:-)