Thursday, September 17, 2009

RubyFruit Continued.............

Now Ruby is ready to travel on.. I am not sure where she is going next. She has been an adventure and a joy and she is a coat with a history! She has been loved by quite a few and is full of the energy that came from all our fingers, hands and hearts.

Travel on Ruby...............

Sunday, September 13, 2009

RubyFruit of the Traveling DreamCoats

I have been given the opportunity to add my touches to one of the Traveling DreamCoats!! This is a project put on by the Bohemian Esprit Market. For the full story on the DreamCoats and their individual journeys, click here

RubyFruit is DreamCoat #4... the last of them.

  • Ruby (as I fondly call her) started here with Diana of DyeDianaDye of Georgia. She has lovingly hand-dyed all the coats for this adventure. RubyFruit looked like this as she went to her first destination

  • Her first meeting was with Laura Timmins in Wisconsin. Laura's tale of RubyFruit can be seen here: . Laura's additions of the front collar placket are stunning and the added goodies sewn in are like little treasures to find. This is what Ruby looked like when she left Laura.
  • Ruby then traveled back to Georgia to meet Sarah of thebeadedlily . Sarah's adventure with Ruby can be read here: Here are the beautiful additions added to Ruby by Sarah.
  • Onward to California to meet with PattyMara of PattyMara's Sacred Heart Cafe . PattyMara's adventure with Ruby can be read here: Her sumputious velvet pockets and deep blue 'heart on your sleeve' added to Ruby's story
  • Then I met Ruby and PattyMara! This is PattyMara with Ruby:

and then Ruby got passed to me

Ruby is now 'in process'. She sat like this for about 4 days....

I knew what I wanted to do with her from the moment I saw my first picture of her.... but now it was down to the wire.. I have to choose. I have to choose...... She was draped with all kinds of hand-dyed yarns and ribbons. I had to find what I wanted to work with... and I did.....

Stay Tuned...........................................