Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just Added a TON...

Just added a  TON of magazines, patterns, books to the ever expanding list of magazines, patterns and books I am selling.  Come visit on Ravelry on the BOOK DESTASH & ISO LIBRARY (or email me here for a list)

Fires ....

we were suppose to go camping today and tomorrow at Plaskett Creek..... Plaskett Creek is in the southern part of big sur. where the red arrow is. see #68 on the map? That is Nacimiento-Fergusson Road. They have closed everything north of there. I live to the west.....we have had smoke covering our sky for days now. These fires were started by lightening. They are huge fires and still not contained. One is 30-square-mile blaze that is still only three-percent contained, another is a 92 square mile blaze that is two thirds contained. They are predicting more electrical storms now (with a hope of rain).... as of last night we thought we would still drive to Plaskett... as of this morning it is most doubtful :( The smoke alone would be unbearable.

The first time I physically met my husband ( ) it was in Big Sur... I am feeling very sad about these fires... it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, as far as i am concerned and it holds many many memories... in fact, i want my ashes to be spread in big sur.... that's how much i love big sur....

Friday, June 20, 2008

:( :( :( :(

I AM MELTING................................................

tell me you really care that it is 110 degrees at 5:26 in the afternoon...........................

There use to be a billboard at the entrance of this city.... it said "DARN NEAR PARADISE"
they were very mistaken and the board came down.......  it should have read "DAMN NEAR HELL"

(sliding away on a wave of perspiration....)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today it is suppose to be 106 degrees here.  oh joy   
I knew it was going to be hot today because yesterday at 5:15pm it was 101 degrees.
I do not do well in boiling water or air (and yes, i know that the boiling point of water is actually 212 degrees F)
I think my insides squee like lobsters when being cooked
No... I will not increase my estrogen....
I am not good with this kind of heat
It figures that I wouldnt like air-conditioning either.....
ok... pity party over..... off to work 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Art For Your Head "Musique"

I've been working on my winter stock... haven't really been posting a lot of what i've been working on.... i guess it will all get posted in a clump.   I havent done one of my Art For Your Head knitted hats recently, so I figured I'd post this one.... she'll be up for sale on etsy at some point....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Help Me Get Rid of These....Please


I have 5 brand new, never used, with tags attached, toddler and childrens swim trainer suits.

My husband was the designer of the logo (a dragonfly) and we wound up with some samples that we have no use for. I am selling these for $20/each. The Swim Trainer is by DragonFly Sports LLC gives maximum sun protection (SPF 40 Maximum U.V. Protection), comfort fit (Lycra design for flexibility). Flotation pads both back and front. Will ship anywhere.

I have the following sizes:

One (1) - Size 4/5-Large - 35-48lbs - Navy Blue/Aqua -


Two (2) Size 3/4-Medium - 26-40lbs - Purple/Yellow

Two (2) Size 2/3-Small - 18-30lbs - Lime/Yellow