Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Man of Many Talents

My husband .....I want to blog about him...........

recently he has been on a journey with his own art. Though he has been a painter (and photographer) for many many years, he is just now learning to 'just paint'. He and I work very differently. It is one of the things that attracts us so greatly to each other.

We admire each others work, but i believe we also admire how each of us works. I use 'seat of the pants' technology and he actually, really knows what he is doing. I jump with both feet and grab everything that is near me on the way in. He plans, decides, utilizes and then commences action. I turn the container over and sprinkle the spice, he will use a measuring spoon. Understand?

We have both learned so much from each other. I've learned to temper my running amuck, somewhat. He has learned to take leaps of faith. This is what comes from his 'just painting' for painting sake.

"Birds Before the Storm" (Acrylic on Canvas)

Please take a peek at some of his work, AND LEAVE SOME COMMENTS. I am sure it would feel very good to him to know that people have thoughts about the things he does.

  • Some of his photography, painting and blog writings (which in themselves are a key to this man) can be seen here:

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