Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is what it feels like to me sometimes.........


Please meet:
Art For Your Head "Repeating Curving Course"

Bigger and better pics can be seen at:


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

yes... i know..... it's another hat.... please meet:

Art For Your Head "Calla in Rain"

The main portion of the hat is a mixture of Jacob and Alpaca fulled
(felted fleece)... Shaped into a form similiar to that of a Calla
Lily... it was, of course, inspired by a beautiful Calla Lily in the
rain. It is embellished with a creamy white alpaca that has been
needle felted into graceful curves. The "rain" is made from small
irregular shaped white freshwater pearls that have been individually
sewn on.
This is one that will also go into the Art Exhibit in October. I have listed it on Etsy and if it gets bought for the amount I listed it for, I will be very happy :)..... otherwise it goes into the show. More pictures can be seen at:

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Art for your Head "Forest Flowers" Hat

Here is another of my hats.... it was inspired by the small forest flowers that
can be seen when the light filters through the tall trees of the forest. Llama & Merino fulled fleece, and i handspun some merino and locks for the embellishment and added bronze freshwater pearls.

It is a bit more conservative than most of my hats.... so it really WAS a
challenge for me to finish it. I almost ditched it until my daughter looked at
it and said, "I want one like that!".....

More pics can be seen at

Saturday, July 14, 2007

In progress work for July.... (other than previous things that have been posted this month and completed)... i am quite insane.. .you know?

Print O' The Waves Stole by Eunny Jang - (Free online pattern here PDF File )
waveslace seedstitchpullover
Blurry pic of Seed Stitch Toddler Sweater

Hat In Progress with various bagged projects
morroccohatshelf forestmaryhat
Hat in Progress (need to finish beading)

Hat in Progress (Hope to be #1 of a series)
Calla1 bluebrownwoodnymphyhat Another Hat in Progress
belt Freeform belt in progress

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Art For Your Head "Bromeliad in Fog" Hat

This piece will be going into the exhibit at the art center in October. I've listed it on Etsy with a high price tag.... I really like being able to use Etsy as a gallery as well as a shop.

For more pictures click here:


Me and MY cuff :) and there's one available in my Etsy shop too....
DreadCuff PoppyFieldLJ

Available at:

Both of our birthdays are this month.... 10 days apart..... we decided to have these made for us this year. They are beautifully crafted and we are both very happy sporting them :) They were made by .

She does absolutely beautiful silver work.......... take a moment to visit.
From one of my other etsy shops, ,one of my badgirls got a little spot on this blog:

why not mosey on over and pay a visit and maybe the pig can answer some questions for ye.... or check out