Monday, February 26, 2007

Art for Your Head - Inca Traveling Hat

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Through the terraced mountainsides, she walked. The sun had not yet hit its zenith and 12 miles were already behind her. All the trees were rich with fruit….. The Tamarillo (tree tomato) looked ready for picking. The sun shone down upon their rich redness. She reached out, plucking a Tamarillo off the nearest of the trees. Smiling, she continued on with her travels.

Art For Your Head - Turqoral Hat - Wearable Art - Turquoise and Coral

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Art For Your Head - "Riot" Hat

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Attitude Hats - Summer Edition

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Summer Edition - Open weave

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Inca "Celestial Questioning" Hat

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In silence she stood next to the pillar waiting for the sun to sink behind Pumasillo. Every year she had come, hoping for the explanation. Once again she spent the night quietly celebrating the summer solstice with only the stars to play guessing games with.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Friday, February 02, 2007

Art For Your Head - "Inca Plain of Nazca" Hat

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Art for Your Head – "Inca Plain of Nazca" Hat

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She stood facing east, looking down on to the plain. Her face felt the rising of the sun while her feet were caressed by the smooth dry sand. She had watched while the drawings took place. She had seen what others had not. Slowly she turned her back and began her trek west. Some things were not meant to be seen.

That is not the case with this hat! Wearing this hat may cause "Specialness", so beware!

This is a beautiful hat of a hand dyed cotton/rayon slub... It is a lightweight hat crocheted by me.

Awash in shades of the desert.... ochres, blues greens tans, lavenders, this hat is full of details. Four very special vintage (1940's) buttons from my stash adorn the hat. These buttons are decorative as well as functional. The 'veil' can be taken off (or worn) using these buttons. The 'veil' can be worn as a neck accessory and comes with it's own tie. A visual textural delight.

The hat measures approx. 10 1/2" when laid flat (at the widest point.) With its' stretch, it should fit comfortably on a 20"- 23" head circumference.

It is a stunning statement, but can cause "Specialness" and you will always have to be ready for that!