Monday, September 17, 2007

Please meet Art For Your Body - "Duchess of Oldenburg"

She is another piece that will be in the October art exhibit.
I believe I am done with work on the exhibit pieces..... just need to get my labels into everything.


For a description of her, please see:

EleFunk - Elegant & Funky
Available at
The last two days have been heavily influenced by the series "Rome".

Meet Art For Your Head "Atia's Do"

CuneiformiaLJMeet Art for Your Head "Cuneiformia"

So... instead of doing anything that had to do with the exhibit yesterday... this is what i came up with :) and it makes me happy. I did some spinning with some Border Leicester locks that were hand dyed by and used them as trim for some felted wool/alpaca wrist warmers. So what that it was 105 degrees here yesterday (and today it should be 110...ugh).... someone, somewhere is cold. They are called "O'KEEFE-ESQUE Fire Poppy Wrist Warmers" ...
Available in my etsy shop.... of course.


Just finished up a custom order for a woman that wanted a cuff with detachable dreads. This one is different than the one i posted about yesterday. The dreads on this one are built on to a knitted band that is then buttoned to the inside of the wrap/cuff. I love the colour combination..... the cuff/wrap is in greens, purples and blues and the dreads are in orange, denim blue and a varigated orange to red roving.