Friday, January 22, 2010

A Score for Fiber/Textile Artists!

I received an Honorable Mention at the reception on Tuesday night!

I view this as a very big deal since Fiber/Textile artists usually get shunted to the bottom of the pile, especially when juried with Fine Art and Photography. So score another one for Fiber/Textile artists everywhere!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Tin Hinan"

I have always been enamored of costume and culture and I am hoping that 2010 is my year for doing alot more of these 'mixed' pieces. This is my niche, this is what makes my heart soar. Don't get me wrong... I love creating the 'more wearable' of my pieces, but it is these wild and exciting pieces that bring me to a completely different plane.

"Tin Hinan" - Her name is from the Tuareg and she is a famous ancestress of the Taureg people. The queen mother; a mythical ancestor and founder of the Tuareg language and culture. The Tuareg consider women to be the repository of culture, and a guarantor of the unity and honor of the community.

"Tin Hinan" will be on exhibit at the Studios on the Park, PRAA 1/21/10-2/21/10

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Special Type of Valentine?

WB Eckert is doing customizable Valentine creations!

He is offering to do an original painting (your choice of 4 different designs he created) with a customizable banner.

This is a pic of the one he did for me for our anniversay. (sigh.....swoon....)

and here is one of the designs he can paint and customize just for you:

So, tell your honey you want one of these, or go pick one out for your sweetie. They aren't only perfect as a Valentine gift, but an anniversary or wedding gift too.... and the price on these is excellent.... (yeesh... an original painting by WB Eckert!)

Thing is, Valentines Day is February 14th... and these are painted just for you. So, get your order in now! WB Eckert Studio

Friday, January 01, 2010

A DreamWoven Sale??!!??!! heard it right. I am clearing out the studio and gearing up for a great New Year!

Here is your chance to take 30% off any item in either my 1000 Markets shop or my Etsy shop.

but....................... in order to claim your discount, you must click the link in the EXCLUSIVE EMAIL that was sent out to those on my mailing list this morning.

To get that EXCLUSIVE EMAIL you need to click here: , get the email and tell me which item you want.

Happy New Year all! May you be safe, happy, content and full of peace throughout the year.