Friday, February 22, 2008

Let's talk about WHOLESALE!

i was just about to write an article regarding wholesaling and the handmade community. my personal take on it is that there really are no rules regarding wholesaling when it comes to artisans that create items, usually one of a kind, with their own two hands. I believe the etsy environment is a perfect situation for etsy sellers to enlighten wholesale buyers about 'handmade'.

People who buy wholesale 'expect' a discount. It is NOT mandatory nor is it always, if ever, beneficial to a seller of handmade goods. The buyer should be able to make their profit from reselling the item to the public in their boutique or shop. They are the ones that understand what their customers will pay. I believe too many times, sellers feel they 'need' to wholesale or deeply discount their items just to make a sale. Obviously this is a personal issue for a seller, but again, what a perfect environment we are in for enlightening wholesale buyers as well as keeping handmade goods in the specialized field it deserves.


  1. Wholesale buyers are not looking for deep discounts but rather legitimate wholesale prices which in the retail industry are at least half of retail prices. While buyers will recognize the difference between handmade and commercially manufactured - and this may be what attracted them to a craftsperson's wares - their bottom line is that they must sell that item to the public at a price that the public is willing to pay.

    Galleries do this as well - and take commissions of 40 to 50 percent. And no one more than a gallery owner recognizes the talent and skill that goes into handmade.

    A craft artist must not look at their wholesale prices as discounts but rather their base price before their markup and expenses of selling.

    For more about wholesale pricing -

  2. You are right Robert A.... wholesale buyers (and i am one, as well) are looking for legitimate prices... and this is the way it has always been in a marketplace that has dealt with machine made, mass produced items.

    Art Galleries have always been the doorway for artists to use in the past. This is changing and has changed drastically with the onset of online selling. The gallery owner (or at least the ones I have dealt with and those my husband has dealt with) are no different than any other buyer who is trying to retail goods to the public... except they are more aware of the skill/talent etc that goes into handmade,and it still doesnt make a difference.

    Wholesaling does not work for doubt about that... but what an opportune time it may very well be for artisans to take a stand on their worth.

    Good points you raise about base price and expenses of selling. thank you for posting here.

  3. i was just wondering where and how you were.

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    Wonderful entry and comments. Thank you.