Monday, February 04, 2008

Track Back and AFYH "Wildwood"

i LOVE being able to track-back ... look at where these views are coming from!!
this is only a smidgen of the visitors, but it shows where they come from, what country, city, the business name if they are using a corporate computer..... I love seeing the repeat visitors and always get excited about the different countries that visit me :)


Say goodbye to Art For Your Head "Wildwood"..... she's off to a new home....************************************************************************************


  1. I'm #14 Bandon, OR!! I exchanged a correspondence with you on Ravelry about how inspirational you are to me as a knitter! See, there's proof that I've been visiting.

    Be well-

  2. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! Hi Lisa!!!! i love it.....

  3. Claire1:01 AM

    I think number 6 might be me :)

  4. Hi Claire!!!!!!!!! in the UK no less :)

    i love love love being able to meet people from other countries..... so much fun. now off to work i go...