Monday, November 22, 2010


I always go back to this shape. You can see it in many of my pieces. Not only does it fit the head but it is attractive on everyone. This is the same for clothing. Cloth that drapes and curves around a body is much more attractive to me than hard lines.

Though I do find some of the austere and moderne lines attractive in furnishings, my emotions always go to the curve. Soft edges, natural movement.

This piece is called "Celeste" and is one of the Art For Your Head hats. She is delicious on everyone who has tried it on. More pictures can be seen here:
She is available for purchase.


  1. These are stunning, Rachel!


  2. Thank you so much Karley!

  3. Hi Rachel,
    Gosh I was goin to mention you should get an Etsy store, then I saw the link on the side..then I went to your etsy store, and nothing was posted. :( Do you not have any luck with it? I'm asking because I just opened an etsy store too.
    I love your wearable art, you've got some great designs.