Friday, January 11, 2008

"Won't You Be My Pay Pal?"...ala Mr Rogers..

It seems there are always questions regarding where to send an item if the address a buyer has requested you use is different than their Paypal listed address.

Here are My Rules of Paypal:

1. I do not send to an address that is not listed on Paypal (if the buyer has paid thru Paypal)without first doing the following:

A. Sending my email and convo to the buyer thanking them for their purchase and fast payment and letting them know that there is a discrepancy between their Paypal mailing address and their Etsy mailing address. I ask them to please confirm which address they want me to send to and to please make sure that they change their Paypal address to correspond to it, otherwise neither of us (Buyer or Seller) will be covered under the Paypal Protection Plans.

B. If they write back and tell me they have changed their Paypal address, 9 times out of 10 it will not be reflected when I go look. Maybe Paypal has a loose circuit that doesn't seem to link the newly re-done address over to their "already purchased/paid for" items. I dunno :(

C. I then notify the Buyer that the address doesn't show as any different and ask them to please, again, confirm where they want their item mailed to. I also let them know that if it is different than the Paypal address, I will need their confirmation, in writing, that they will not hold me responsible if their item does not reach them, (and since it is one-of-a-kind, I can not replace it).

Usually at this point, the buyer reiterates that they have changed their Paypal address and to please just go ahead and send the item and they will take full responsibility....
at which point...
I immediately, clear out any money in my Paypal account (shift it on over to my bank account), and ship the item adding in insurance (out of my own pocket) on any items over $20.

It makes me feel better.... knowing I have sent their item with Priority Mail, Delivery Confirmation, fully insured and a note from them advising they wont hold me responsible.....

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