Thursday, January 10, 2008

Art For Your Head - "Graciela"

Art For Your Head "Graciela"
Available at:

The first full creation of 2008- Freeform Piece that is Felted, Handspun and Knitted.  Two piece ensemble.


  1. WOW! this is too groovy to speak of! very inspiring you have the muses locked in a closet to whisper inspiration to you at any time? i hope you treat them good, because they seem to favor you. please more, and more!

  2. hi. i saw your note on etsyfast. i've been on blogspot for about 6 months and love it - i post most days. can i help you at all?
    love your work!

  3. i hope you can help island sweet! i'm not sure if i am suppose to respond here or go to your blog and respond there.....

    if i wanted to bookmark you blog on my blog, how would i go about that?

    and thank you!

  4. I use google reader to subscribe to many blogs. It's the simplest sub service I've found.

    On blogger, I either respond to comments by email or at my own blog. It seems to be what people do. It kind of depends on whether the answer would be of interest to other commenters or not.

  5. oh knitsteel... there you are! i've been using bloglines..... i'll have to check out google reader.

    what is up with the "choose an identity" when i am trying to leave a comment on my own blog???? I really want to stick with blogger.... so i've really got to figure this stuff out......

  6. Hi, Rachel, glad that your are on blogspot so that I can come visit you easily.
    It is just incredibly awesome to see all your pieces in one spot.

  7. thanx maple... as soon as i get a bit more familiar with blogspot, i should be fine :) it was interesting for me to see all those pieces together too!!! and it really isnt ALL of them.... yeesh.... what's that saying, "..... idle hands...."

  8. Congratulations on a very lovely looking blog, and such wonderful work!
    who ignores the 'choose an identity' stuff, and sticks with her usual posting name and has no trouble (I read etsyfast too!)

  9. Hi Rachel! Your blog look beautiful! And so does your work, of course, all this amazing fiber art in one place to drool over... I'm trotting off to my blog to add you to the list of blogs that I read. :)

  10. Hi DreamWoven, everytime I see your work I am so inspired! Great looking BLog, much better than what I have done so far. You have inspired me to try harder!! Etsyfast member, too.

  11. marion, skiingweaver & Craftwerker!

    thank you so much for visiting. obviously blogspot is much more social than xanga! i am off to check you all out now. Thank you!

  12. Hey sweetie... you're here too!!!!!