Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Two Heads are better than One.....


I wanted to put a blurb here about a woman that went out of her way for me. I recently ordered some yarn from HandKnitting.com, prior to the holidays. It is a type of yarn i usually dont stock but needed it to complete a custom order. I received a letter from Nancy at Handknitting.com advising that she had sold the business to a lovely woman named Laurel. I contacted Laurel and she advised they were having trouble with US customs, getting the yarn across the border from Canada. She wasn't sure that she was going to be able to ship as expeditiously as she wanted, so she ordered the yarn from another shop and had it sent directly to me. TALK ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish Laurel the best of luck in her new business and will post a link as soon as she has set up shop!

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