Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"Azure" - Art for Your Head

Art for Your Head "Azure"

About the Headpiece:

This is an exquisite headpiece of hand dyed and hand felted wool, embellished with vintage art deco buttons, matching glass beads and tassel.

Azure is perfect for the woman who wishes to make a statement. Her colorway is rich in blues/greens/violets . Reminiscent of turban style hats, she has folds and ridges. She is a regal and dramatic piece. She is one of a kind and perfectly suitable for your special days as well as a blustery day in the cold. More pictures can be seen here: DreamWoven


  1. Oh, do I love your creations and I haven't been to your website yet! You are a real pioneer!!!!

  2. Great to see someone who thinks of the head as an opportunity to accessorize!!!

  3. Spectacular design! Perfect execution!

  4. Loves it! I would totally buy this, but right now im living in thailand where its too hot! If your into custom jewelry do check out my blog and etsy shop as well ;)


  5. a brilliant creation

  6. Thank you so much riverweave!