Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Women of Wynter

This is one of my favorite seasons. Winter….. when the air is cold. Where every gust makes my skin feel alive and where blankets on my bed are de rigueur. I awake refreshed and excited, ready to experiment with whatever the day brings. It is my favorite season, truly.

Sadly I live where triple digits scorch three months out of the year… usually more. The triple digits infiltrate everything. They suck the air away from me, they dry me out, fry me and rile me. I feel tired and uncomfortable, useless and slow. But then I wonder….

I wonder if the simmering that occurs may not be my ‘baking time’ for creativity. Months of slow boil, softening and melting. Where the juices of my ideas are blended and heated and the special aromas of my yearnings are thrown into the mix.

Ideas having congealed, lend themselves to my mind and fingers. Where the wind caresses my neck and makes my hair fly out behind me, this is where these delicacies are born. Wishful thinking coming to fruition with that first taste of cold. A summer’s fast becomes a Wynter’s delight and I am hungry now for the next creation.


This year is no different. The “Wynter Whispers” Collection is being served. Each piece holding its own. A palette of nouveau couture, paired with an eye towards fantasy and only the best aperitifs.

Please take a peek.

Until my hunger is sated, more will be added.

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A taste of Wynter: Please see the Collection for the current pieces - More will be added for the Holiday Season


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  1. Oh they each speak a beauty of their own. I can't pick a favorite...but I'm drawn to the black and gray. I am right there with you about winter...I miss it terribly. I can drive north to play in snow, but I use to love waking in the middle of the night and listening to sleet pelting the window, wind whistling around the corners of the house and then snuggling deeper into my covers.