Sunday, November 16, 2008

Looking for Artists who create Wearable Art

I've been given the wonderful opportunity of putting together a Wearable Art Market on 1000Markets. If you do not know about 1000Markets... please come take a look.

Their concept is unique and fresh. " Markets are Communities: A market is a collection of merchants, joined together by interest, similar products, or geography. Just like a cluster of stands at an outdoor festival, a market is a gathering place. More than anything, markets are about creating community from commerce. "

The site is a somewhat juried site. My gut tells me this is someplace that is going to go places and will be a benefit to those of us that sell online.

I am looking for artists who create Wearable Art. Please drop me a note, either here or via email if you might be interested. There are plenty of you here that I admire, so please.... if you are looking for another avenue to show your items and would like to be a part of a new, growing environment... please let me know.



  1. Your art is amazing! hugs

  2. How is 1000 markets working out for you? I am thinking of of adding a few more venues. artfire for one and 1000markets looks good too.

  3. I love 1000M. it is still new, fresh and different. It is not 'open to the public' yet... which i believe means they haven't done their GRAND OPENING per se... but folks are starting to sell there. Go check the forums out... lots of information... I think your work would do very well there... and what better a place to be then in the forming stages of a very classy selling venue?