Friday, July 25, 2008

TALK TO ME OF STORAGE...............

      i tore my studio apart.


Talk to me of storage.........PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

i now have an extra room (other than my Studio Treehouse, which i totally outgrew within a year)... so now I have a room for inventory and a room to work in (my Studio).    Here are some pics of the 'inventory room' and the Studio (Treehouse) before being cleaned/sorted/finished/figured out.

These are the pics of the New Inventory Room - not complete, still a mess, not sorted through etc..


These are the pics of the cleaned out Studio - not complete, still a mess, not sorted through etc..


oh...and my wall o' yarn... which will remain where it is because it is just so beautiful to look at up against the rock wall.

I will be using my studio for the computer, books, shipping, photographing and creating/finishing pieces.   In the Inventory Room i have all my rovings, yarns, spinning, etc sorted by colour in cubes... it is the best way for me... it is how i work....When i work on a lot of my pieces i always wind up with small balls of leftover yarns... in fact, i have so many small balls of leftover yarns that they need their own set of cubes sorted by colour!!!!!!

what do you do with those small balls of leftover yarns?  i don't mean, what do you make with them.... i tend to use up even small balls...... i mean how do you store them??? 

The Inventory Room will have floor to ceiling cubes when finished and each cube will hold a different colour... all the blacks together, all the greys together, all the oranges together, etc.  This works fine for full or semi-full skeins or balls, they all fit nicely in there and are easy to retrieve or go through.   

So how do i store the small balls so that I actually can see them and use them?   Suggestions appreciated.


  1. No Idea..when you find the answer let me know! Your studio is so big.

  2. well hopefully someone will come up with a solution Jackie! And as far as the Studio being's all a matter of perspective.... it just never seems big enough!

  3. well, i really don't have a *good* solution, but what i am doing now is just sorting them by color into boxes - i'd prefer something i could see through, but for now it works. this is what they look like stacked up -
    they are actually up against the closet wall now (i don't really use the closet - it's just got stored stuff in it) and i have my fiber bins stacked on the other side of the window. those are clear so i can see the colors -

    none of this is ideal, but i live in an apartment and have already taken over the computer/extra room and most of the living room!

    good luck finding a solution but in the meantime - you are lucky to have what looks like a lot of space! :)

  4. ah, i just remembered something else - i can't remember where i saw it, but i have seen small bits stored in glass jars by color! then you could see the colors! and maybe put them on a shelf or something like that??

  5. yeah i totally hate bins.... but i wouldn't even think of using them if they weren't clear(ish). But, i'll tell ya... the yarns in the bins do not get used (or used up) like the ones I have out in the cubes. If I cant see them readily and clearly, and if i have to go thru gymnastics taking them down, opening them up, sorting thru them, they dont get used unless i am desperate for a yarn that I "know" is somewhere in a bin....

  6. I'm still not totally happy with my solution, but I put my leftover yarn balls in one of those bags that comforters come in. It's clear, and zips up, so at least I can see in and it keeps things contained. Only problem is that sometimes there are tangles.

  7. Many of your cubes have extra room at the top, maybe you could make a little 'hammock' in each one....a piece of fabric (or maybe even a bandana) tied a square down from the top or so of each cube. You could then keep the small balls with the correct color, and they'd be there right on top.

    (BTW, flip your bowed shelves over...they'll bow back the other way. I do mine about once a year, and it seems to work well.)

  8. How about wrapping small ones around cardboard, kind of like embroidery floss is done. Stack side by side by color in a box where you can see them and use them for detailing... They would be flat, standing next to each other- all you see is the top of it, or the color.

  9. Lovely pics of your workspace!

  10. I have been making very funky, interesting bracelets, some with fringe, some with crocheted flowers. If I have a bit left over now, I make a bracelet to match the scarf.