Sunday, March 16, 2008

Need some suggestions...


I have a huge backlog of knitted goods that i've created…. mostly childrens sweaters and adult sweaters.

i have been thinking about having a raffle or contest, held either on my website or blog, wherein the prize is one of the items and a portion of the proceeds goes to a charitable organization.

does anyone have any info, suggestions, clues etc. on how i could conduct or set up something like this? I want to be able to show that it is legit and on the up & up...

Any/all suggestions would be helpful

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  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Not sure what state you're in but sometimes I donate afghans to charities to raffle off and on a few occasions I've had the charities offer me a percentage of the proceeds to cover the cost of my time and materials. I just had one charity sell $1,100 in tickets and they offered me $300. You may (if it's legal where you are) find a charity willing to do that. It can be a gamble but I actually found that smaller organizations sometimes sell a lot more tickets than the large well-known. I donate primarily to historical organizations and those organizations that sell tickets over a longer time period.
    Hope you find a way. Love your work and have been faithfully reading your blog.