Sunday, March 18, 2007

Almost Done.........

Rachel's Treehouse Studio is almost done..... i think. I still haven't gotten to the point where I can work in here though. It's wierd... i just want to sit in here and appreciate it. Of course there is still a ton of stuff i need to sort through and some of it will go into storage and some will remain out to be worked on....and of course it is all happening just as the seasons are about to change, which means i need to shift gears on things i am making for sale.... gotta get the fabrics and cotton yarns out......... Somehow I will find the balance point.... summer is usually when I work on my winter items and vice-versa.... this did not occur during this past winter. I was working on winter stuff during winter....ugh ... and now i am trying to do both.

The dining room and kitchen look incredible. The floor is beautiful.... it feels like it has been forever since any part of the house has been neat.

here is the dining room looking in from the kitchen:

here is the kitchn looking in from the dining room:

here is the dining room and part of the Treehouse looking in from the gallery:

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